Frame Types

All aluminum frames are available in free-standing, gutter-connected, and lean-to configurations to any required width or length. All frames are available in required loadings to conform to local code requirements. All frames are available in clear span or post-and-beam configurations including any necessary interior partitioning as dictated by project requirements.

Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Frames are available in free-standing, gutter-connnected, and lean-to configurations. Interior truss work, purlins, post and girts consisting of galvanized steel with all glazing holding members and made of aluminum. All aluminum and galvanized steel frames are available to meet local code requirements. Systems are available in both clear span and post-and-beam configurations with interior partitioning available as required by project floor plan.

Trussing Systems are available in both standard "Fink" truss utilizing compression and extension members or in beam-type rigid frame design. Both types of truss systems are available in standard 6/12 pitch or a variety of custom designed pitches necessary to complete the design requirements of any jobsite.



Glass glazing systems are available in both single layer glazing and double layer glazing systems utilizing clear glass, tinted glass, low-iron glass, or a combination. Annealed glass, Tempered glass, or Laminated glass are furnished as dictated by location and usage (laminated layer overhead is required for public entry buildings). Glass type, location, specification is dictated by the end use, code, and customer preferences.

Structured Sheet Plastic Panels

Structured sheet plastic panels are offered in both acrylic and polycarbonate configurations with 8mm and 16mm being standard thicknesses with other thicknesses available depending on panel type, location and use. Structured sheet plastic panels offer insulative qualities to reduce energy transmission and are available in a variety of light transmission, performance and cost-ranges. Collaborative decision making between designer and owner need to occur in deciding type and thickness of plastic panels to be utilized.

Corrugated Plastic Panels

Corrugated Plastic Panels for Warmer Climates – In climates requiring very low heat load, corrugated plastic panels are available in acrylic, polycarbonate and other types of plastic substrate. These are considered the lowest cost rigid panels for greenhouse use. Generally they are used through the Southern states and California. These panels have highly desirable light transmission characteristics and are easily adaptable to a variety of crops and uses. These panels have significantly higher energy transmission than structured sheet plastics panels.


Winandy’s aluminum finishes are varied to suit to your preferences, so that we can design your greenhouse according to your needs. Our mill aluminum finish is strong, low-cost, and oxidizes to gray over time. If you’re looking for more color variety, our Anodized aluminum finish comes in clear, all bronzes, black, and a variety of additional colors and offers extended protection against the elements. Many customers wish to match their greenhouse to existing architecture; that’s why we also offer a Baked-on Paint finish, which we are able to match to almost any color. Uniquely varied materials and designs set Winandy a cut above the rest of the North American greenhouse manufacture industry. The experts at Winandy are available to answer all of your technical questions. Call today to speak to one of our engineers.

Spec Overview

General Sizing Data

All width requirements from the narrowest to the widest can be accommodated. Standard design widths for trussed houses are 17’ 6”; 25’ 10”; 34’ 3”; 42’ 7-1/2”; and 51’ wide. Bay spacings are 12’ 3” (glass panels) and 12’ 2-1/4” (plastic panels). However, custom bay spacings are available to meet specific requirements. Industry standard roof pitch for greenhouses is 6/12 pitch. However, Winandy has extrusion systems for doing pitches down to 1/12 or up to 12/12 pitch.

Framing Materials

Our Winandy SUN-MATE systems are available in all aluminum, truss frame systems; aluminum glazing systems with galvanized steel truss and post support systems; and rigid frame all aluminum systems. All systems are available with aluminum gutters, and are also available in free-standing or lean-to configurations.

Glazing Materials

We offer a full range of glazing materials under our Winandy SUN-MATE brand system from tempered safety glass to laminated glass to plastic panels to meet a variety of aesthetic needs. Roof and walls can be different glazing systems to accommodate specific design requirements. RESKINNING SYSTEMS: We offer a complete range of greenhouse retrofit (reskinning) systems for older greenhouses, regardless of the manufacturer or current skin. Reskin systems are custom engineered to fit existing conditions with the specific goal to provide a renewed, maintenance-free skin system while retaining the infrastructure contained within the greenhouse.

Roof Glazing Rafters

Our patented "I beam style" aluminum glazing rafters feature the superior engineering shape of the I beam coupled with the Winandy enhanced condensate removal system handling condensate down to the gutters or eaves for disposal. All roof rafters are made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with 35,000 PSI tensile yield.

Roof and Wall Ventilators

We offer a complete array of roof and wall ventilation in a variety of sizes ranging from 26” deep to 60” deep. All vents are capable of being operated with thermostatic electric motorized vent machines on a thermostat or computerized signal, or manual vent machines. Outside rack and pinion operators are offered for side vents where evaporative wet pads are present.


We offer complete screening of all inlet and exhaust openings from 16 X 18 aluminum mesh up to thrip resistant woven mesh featuring stainless steel or polyolefin. All screens and screen systems are set into frames capable of easy field maintenance in the future. All vent operator penetrations are closed with high quality brush style guards to resist insect penetration around operators.


Personnel doors, French doors, overhead doors, and sliding greenhouse doors are available in all configurations and glazing.


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