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Winandy Greenhouse Co., Inc. company was founded as a sole proprietorship in the early 1920's by Mike Winandy and incorporated in 1929. Our company has been continuously in business since that time through a depression and World War II. The company has engaged in only one business pursuit since being incorporated in 1929 and that is the manufacturing, erection, maintenance, and refurbishing of greenhouses. We also provide wholesale sales of greenhouse maintenance, operating and environmental control equipment, and all types of hardware. That is all we do. We are a specialty company and we normally stay within that specialty. Our company, as a corporation, has been doing greenhouses only for more than 75 years.

We serve the institutional, educational, and governmental markets with specification grade greenhouses and equipment. We can act as either a general contractor, a subcontractor, or a material vendor depending on the dictates of the various biddings. If a project is confined to greenhouses structures only, then we may choose to act as a prime contractor on many occasions. If a project has a lot of other work associated with it, then we choose to bid as a subcontractor to the main contractors or construction manager.

In addition to the above markets, we also work for and with research clients, seed companies, commercial florists and flower producers providing them the same high quality greenhouses and equipment on their projects. Past project references are available for all types of projects.

SUN-MATE® is a registered trademark of our greenhouse skin system of 1, 2, or 3 layers of tempered glass with insulating dead air spaces or the various types of hard surface, greenhouse use structured plastic panel glazing skins. (U.S. Patent #4658859)

Our operating area consists of the continental United States and Canada. We provide our products and services coast-to-coast with greenhouses operating in virtually every state. Our SUN-MATE® greenhouses are furnished in many states each year.

Banking and Credit References

For banking reference, we suggest you contact CHASE, Richmond, IN, Cashier, 765-935-4831. We also suggest that you may wish to run a credit reliability check with Dun & Bradstreet. You will find we have a very adequate asset rating and a 3A-1 credit rating. We would be glad to furnish vendor references should you require them. We are open account with such major firms as AFG Industries, Kingsport, TN; ACME Engineering & Mfg., Muskogee, OK; Old Castle Glass; Modine Manufacturing, Racine, WI; Wadsworth Controls; and many, many others.


Our performance and payment bond will be furnished to you from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company/Bonding Division of Lexington, KY. We have been bonded by various major insurance companies during our many operating years. During this time we have never had an occasion to call any insurance company in on any of the bonds, nor have any of our customers. Indeed, in our entire more than 75 years as a company, we have never had any occasion to default on a contract of any kind. We have a record that is the envy of our competitors, and one which all Government agencies we have worked for are comfortable.


We have been located in Richmond, Indiana, since our incorporation in 1929. We currently have 20,100 square feet of modern office and manufacturing facilities, plus an additional 12,000 square feet of warehouse space. All facilities are owned and not leased. All of our manufacturing equipment is kept up-to-date, and has been continuously upgraded to keep us competitive using modern manufacturing methods.


Our personnel include a full range of design and engineering personnel, fully capable of handling any problem associated with greenhouses. We have a staff civil engineer, plus staff drafting personnel to produce custom shop drawings and shepherd projects through our manufacturing system. Our depth of personnel runs all the way to more than 35 years of individual experience doing nothing but furnishing greenhouses to our customers.

Winandy Greenhouse Company | 2211 Peacock Road Richmond, Indiana | (765) 935-2111